Our Objective

Artilus™ is a cybersecurity firm, systems integrator and managed service provider comprised of a finely-tuned and experienced technical team. We maintain a level of excellence by working collaboratively to innovate and deliver comprehensive and dependable IT services to our valued partners.

With over 20 years of IT experience, Artilus’s Chief Executive Officer Steven Mazza has successfully built a team of experienced engineers. That team provides extensive and personally tailored services to Artilus’s partners and can accommodate a myriad of industries, regardless of size or location, including education, enterprise, legal, medical and municipalities.

Our Story

At its inception, Artilus™ was created from a passion for engineering, the principle of integrity and the concept of ‘service over sales.’

Throughout his professional experiences, Steven noticed those characteristics were lacking in the vendors he worked for and with. He knew there was a better way to do business and provide partners with the help they needed. In 2007, he created L.I. Computer Networks, Inc. (LICN), a small business providing managed services in a manner he knew he could feel proud of. By word of mouth, his business grew and Steve was able to employ others who were trained to operate in the same manner.

LICN has since evolved and changed its name to Artilus™, as the scope of services and geographical reach now far surpass its origins, and the perimeters of Long Island, New York.

Artilus™ employs approximately 70 people, who provide comprehensive Cybersecurity and Managed Services, Cloud and Professional IT Services, as well as, but not limited to Disaster Avoidance, Unified Communications and Unified Physical Security.

While the name has changed, the concept of operating under the guiding principles of integrity and service to partners has not. Artilus™ employees understand that a business is only as good as its reputation and that the quality of services provided and positive relationships formed with partners are fundamental tenets of the organization.

Our Team

The Artilus™ team is experienced in Network Design, Network Security, customer service, management and more. Additionally, the team holds myriad certifications including, but not limited to, the following:

  • CySA+
  • Security+
  • CEH
  • Pentest+
  • Genetec Security Omnicast Technician
  • Synergis Technician
  • AlienVault Systems Engineer (AVSE)
  • AlienVault Security Analyst (ACSE)
  • NYS Director of Technology
  • NYS Teacher Certification
  • MCSE
  • CCNA
  • CCNP
  • OSCP
  • CompTIA Network+
  • CompTIA Project +
  • A+
  • VMWare Certified Associate (VCA)
  • VOP-CP
  • VSP-Foundation

Artilus™ Leadership Team & Department Heads

Chief Executive Officer, President, and K12 School Specialist
Steven Mazza

Cybersecurity and Network Operations

Vice President of Security
Richard Cintorino

Lead Penetration Tester & Vulnerability Analyst
John Borrero

Security Engineer
Jake Staunch

Security Analyst
Matthew Tavares

Network and Systems Engineering

Vice President of Engineering
Jonathan Salvia

Joseph Boccia
Tyler Erickson
Adika Robinson
Nicholas Russotto
Michael Trincellito

Sales and Account Management

Director of Business Development & Communications
Alison DeMaria

Senior Account Manager
Christopher Milian

Sales Support Associate
Kevin Cintorino

Project Management

Lead Project Manager
Joseph Capuano


Managing Engineer
David Martin

Helpdesk Supervisor
Adam Meizner


Data Specialist and Consultant
John Contess

  • Jeff Schatz

    As the CEO of a company that is exclusively devoted to the recovery of outstanding medical accounts, it is imperative that we remain in compliance with all healthcare information privacy requirements including HITRUST certification, ensuring a certifiable security information framework (CSF) to protect confidential information.

    This became a requirement about 4 or 5 years ago for my clients (hospitals) in order to continue to serve them. It quickly became clear to us that we needed additional support from someone who had the knowledge and expertise to ensure that we could meet those demands. A friend, who leads the security operations for an international company, was very impressed by Steve Mazza upon speaking with him, and recommended Artilus to me. I am grateful he did, because it continues to be a positive experience for us.

    We are very unique in what we do, but the Artilus team have been able to capably support our specific needs. It is very rare that I have to send them an email for assistance because they are always diligently reviewing the software that we have in place to identify any changes, problems and alerts.

    If ever I do reach out, there’s always someone there when you need them and when they hear the panic in my voice, they try to get it done yesterday for me which is a phenomenal business aspect.

    I work with a wonderful Artilus team, especially Rich and Jon, who are always phenomenal in how they provide support to me so as to maintain the HITRUST validation. Steve and his team are the guys you want in your corner. They get done what needs to get done, and do it in a way that is mindful and respectful of the right thing at all times.

    Jeff Schatz
    Chief Executive Officer, DBL Associates, Inc.
  • Robert Hines
    It was a Friday morning when our district was hit with a devastating ransomware attack that affected our Wi-Fi, servers, and computers. From the moment we were attacked, Artilus' response was immediate.  The President and CEO of the company canceled his appointments for the day and came onsite to offer his direct support to the district. He and his team worked into the night all weekend alongside the district to stop the attack, preserve evidence for law enforcement and restore crucial services, including Wi-Fi.  These Herculean efforts over the weekend paid off and Chromebooks were up and running Monday morning for students and teachers.

    Those restoration efforts kept the same pace for months as Artilus dedicated additional resources 7 days a week along with daily progress meetings with the district in order to support our very rapid recovery from the attack.  Through this process Artilus worked with the district to build our network back better based on the highest security standards.  We also invested in 24/7 SOC (Security Operation Center) monitoring through Artilus. This SOC service continues to play a vital role in keeping our district safe from another cyber-attack.

    Artilus has truly been a partner and asset to our school district.
    Robert Hines
    Director of Technology, Riverhead Central School District
  • Carol Michaels

    The Finance Department is an outsourcing of bookkeeping and accounting services. In 2019, I was introduced to Artilus through a client of mine who used them and was very happy with their work. At that time, we were looking for a vendor who would more proactively manage our IT needs. Upon meeting with Steve and the Artilus team, it became clear that they were the right vendor.

    Artilus was wonderful during the transition. They were incredibly knowledgeable and worked with our previous vendor to successfully migrate our network services. The team was accommodating in getting our staff up to speed and our systems running smoothly.

    We continue to be very happy with the services they provide. It’s like having a built in IT department without the cost of a built in IT department. I have always found them to be very pleasant to work with, as well as, responsive, professional, and knowledgeable. Whether it’s troubleshooting a third-party application for our remote desktops, or providing recommendations and guidance that satisfy the requirements of our professional liability insurance, they are always there to provide support.

    I highly recommend working with Artilus!

    Carol Michaels
    Co-founder and VP, The Finance Department
  • Anthony Kuefner

    In this industry, there is often high vendor-turnover. Artilus has constantly exceeded their Service Level Agreements for nearly a decade.

    Our relationship began when Artilus supported Professional Group Plans with a major upgrade of our entire Network infrastructure. Artilus overhauled our switches, firewall, routers, virtualization and server infrastructure and ever since, their Network Operations Center has been monitoring our systems.

    Despite the size of the company, you really feel a personal touch. I reach out to Artilus any time I need assistance and am always impressed by the manner in which my needs are escalated. The Artilus team is always there to take those calls.

    For the most part, I am consistently working with the same team members. Doing so allows us to save time by cutting through the minutia of obtaining basic information. The team who set up our system, is the team monitoring that system. There is enough cross-training among the Artilus staff that any member of the staff would know enough about my needs such that time is not wasted.

    In the fast-paced sales industry, there is high demand for uptime and productivity that is directly dependent on our technical infrastructure. If our systems aren’t running, the company is not making money, so there is no leeway for outages and downtime. Artilus understands that, and because of the consistency of service they deliver, any required escalation and remediation take place quickly and effectively.

    Anthony Kuefner
    Director of Technology, Professional Group Plans
  • Joseph Reda

    I have had the pleasure to work with Steve and the Artilus team for several years through different companies and have always had a great experience.

    I initially met them when the company I had previously worked for, brought them in. At that time, I had a basic knowledge of fixing computers, but because Steve and his team included me in their process and showed me how, rather than just doing, I've learned a lot from them over the years. They really work hard to make sure that work is done in a partnership and not just as vendor and client.

    I have always been able to depend on their service and expertise. Whether I needed additional information from an objective third party, or questions answered honestly and without agenda, I know that Steve and his team will use their knowledge and experience to offer guidance and make recommendations that benefit their partners, not their business. I have never felt like Steve has tried to squeeze an extra dollar out of the budget. If anything, over the years he’s recommended less expensive options to maximize our budget.

    Steve always goes above and beyond what is expected of him. He is incredibly proactive, responsive and helpful and that doesn’t stop with him. It is apparent that those attributes are woven into the culture of the company and speaking honestly, it has been wonderful working with Artilus.

    Joseph Reda
    Director of IT, Broadway National Group
  • Dr. Michael Kaplan

    I’m in the healthcare industry and I definitely appreciate everything that Artilus brings to the table. Steve and his team are incredibly capable and I take comfort in that knowledge. They support us tremendously because we depend on our EMR and our Scale systems. They are always there, and they have been really amazing.

    Most recently, Artilus implemented a crucial disaster avoidance back up system for us. While I’m hopeful that the quality of work they do will result in us never needing to utilize that system, I also have peace of mind that in the unlikely event of a situation, my business would be able to continue without downtime and we would remain capable of maintaining the privacy of our patients.   

    I believe wholeheartedly that Steve and his Artilus team deserve the best possible recommendation I could give. I can’t say good enough things about them. Artilus has been terrific!

    Dr. Michael Kaplan
    Owner, Long Island Weight Loss Institute
  • Joe Monastero

    I’ve known Steve Mazza for at least 20 years, and have always felt that he and the LICN team were accessible, knowledgeable and genuine. It never feels like it’s a sales pitch with Artilus. Instead, it’s always a discussion, a recommendation, support, and a willingness to look at the whole picture and do what’s best for their partners.

    When consulting with them, the information is presented as “This is what you need. Here are the pros and cons. Here’s what we recommend. If you go with this, here’s what you’ll get and if you don’t go with this, here are other ways we can support you.” It’s as simple as that.

    Artilus provides our in-house IT service and staff augmentation. This is done in addition to supporting the complete upgrade of our unified communications system, in which they replaced all of our Unity Messaging system, our cisco servers and our phones. This upgrade required significant attention to detail as two of our four buildings fall under the purview of a separate county, requiring different needs.

    In CSH, there is limited cell service. Artilus helped us install Wi-Fi on our athletic fields using microwave nano-fields to provide wireless connectivity. This meant that during the pandemic, we were able to host all ceremonies on the field and live stream them so no one had to miss a special moment. It worked seamlessly because of the hard work and planning that took place behind the scenes with LICN.

    The Artilus team cares about the work they do and the people they do it for. They always look for ways to spend money wisely and do what needs to be done in a manner that is less expensive, but not cheap. Their focus is working efficiently and properly, and they do.

    Joe Monastero
    Executive Director of Instructional and Administrative Technology, Cold Spring Harbor Schools
  • Michael Ferretti

    When I entered the district years ago, we were in the middle of a SMART Schools project. Safety is a key component of the work that I do, so finding the right tech company to support our goals was crucial. Upon meeting with Steve and Chris, I had a good sense right away that they would be effective communicators, and would make us and our needs a priority.

    I respected the fact that they were innovative, energetic and ambitious guys building something great. That immediate impression has led to a blossoming relationship in which I feel completely comfortable reaching out to them for anything. We have an open line of communication always and they are incredibly responsive. I don’t think a text or an email has ever gone unnoticed.

    The work we have done together has expanded to include unified physical security services. This is provided by way of cameras and doors, panic switches, lock-down doors and switches. The Artilus team also integrates all of the systems into the Genetec platform that we are using, such that everything will coalesce. Based upon the experience and relationship I've had with Steve and the LICN team thus far, I feel completely confident in LICN’s ability to keep my building safe.

    Steve and the Artilus team are experienced and dependable and they leave very little wiggle room for mistakes to be made. I recognize, however, that we live in a world with human error so it can happen from time to time. One of the things I most appreciate about the LICN team is how genuine they are and how incredibly self-aware they are in business when that happens. If ever something goes wrong and it’s their mistake, there is no finger pointing. They admit it, own it, call up, talk about it, apologize, troubleshoot it and work it out as a team so that it never happens again. As someone who works with a lot of different vendors, I respect that.

    Michael Ferretti
    Director of Strategic Planning and Safety, Copiague UFSD
  • Kelly Urraro

    I’ve worked with Artilus throughout my career as the Director of Technology in various School Districts and I have always been impressed by the Artilus team approach. It is truly unlike anything I’ve experienced from another vendor. You can ALWAYS trust that they will do the right thing for their partners. The work they do is never about making money, and always about how they can help the district accomplish its goals.

    In moments of crisis, such as a Ransomware attack in the district, the Artilus team jumps in to support you and continues the crucial work of getting the district back to where it needs to be. Those instances are high stress, high pressure circumstances with unknown outcomes. I cannot emphasize enough the level of trust I have in Artilus in those moments and the peace that comes from the knowledge that not only have they extensively planned and prepared us in advance for such an event, but also that their staff will always do the right thing and lead you in the right direction. Steve and his team make sure that you understand that in moments of vulnerability, you are not alone. We are no longer partner and vendor, but rather, one team working together for the success of the district.

    Kelly Urraro
    School District Director of Technology
  • Daniel E. Giordano

    As a former Superintendent of Schools, I consider myself fortunate to have had the pleasure of working with Steve and the Artilus team when the district faced the challenges presented by COVID-19. Without the dedication and support of the Artilus team, our school district would not have been able to accomplish any of what we were so proud to accomplish during the critical time we faced during COVID-19.

    Not only was their response to the crisis impeccable, but the technical advancements the Artilus team engineered in the district prior to 2020 paved the way for the district’s remote learning operations to move forward rapidly, resulting in students experiencing continuous learning and connecting with classmates.

    In addition to ensuring that we had what we needed to go remote, the Network Operations Center immediately established a helpline offering virtual tech support and a technology center, in which members of the team provided Chromebooks, mobile WiFi devices and chargers as needed. The NOC also provided phone support to all district support staff and connections for the remote use of district programs, all while adapting and adhering to safety guidelines and protocols.

    New communications programs were introduced and implemented throughout the district, ensuring that parents and students could be kept abreast of any new information. Additionally, programs were put into place and configured to meet the unique needs of the district as we operated in remote and hybrid learning platforms.

    As always, the Artilus team worked seamlessly with our district players to ensure that our needs would be met. We were so incredibly fortunate to work with such a dedicated and professional Information Technology team in the district.

    Daniel E. Giordano
    Former Superintendent of Schools, Lindenhurst Union Free School District
  • Dr. Timothy T. Eagan

    Our school district has worked with Artilus for years and I have always been impressed by the Artilus team’s ability to look at our district’s needs holistically. They are not interested in expanding services to expand the price tag. Steve and his team investigate our needs collectively and let us know where we could be spending more wisely or where we can obtain additional resources. They are incredibly conscientious of district spending and how best to utilize funds in a way that is fiscally responsible.

    Providing safe technology and dependable internet are crucial components of today's educational landscape. Artilus has helped us to do both. They have shared their expertise by way of Network engineering, on-site staff, reliable equipment, redundancy and a plan for consistent internet.

    Artilus completely redesigned our network. They created redundancy where it was needed and did away with redundancy that was not needed. They implemented Managed Threat Detection and response to protect us from cyber incidents and provided a team comprised of an on-site engineer and IT support professionals.

    Additionally, Artilus upgraded our wireless system which was no small feat, in some cases requiring the complete rewiring of buildings. This proved to be of great importance when we securely transitioned 2,000 Chromebooks to a remote learning platform in 2020.

    The combination of the services provided, the onsite support team, the updated wireless system and the managed threat detection and response implemented, reassures us that we are in very good hands with Steve and the Artilus team.

    Dr. Timothy T. Eagan
    Superintendent of Schools, Kings Park Central School District

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