Managed Services and Cloud

Artilus offers comprehensive, and cost-effective Managed Services that can reliably augment your varied IT needs and assure you continuity of service with accountability. As a company of innovative network engineers, our professional IT services reflect a commitment to network design and services that ensure reliability and productivity.

As your trusted Managed Services Provider (MSP), our varied service levels are designed with your unique needs in mind and customized services are determined by you, with our guidance if requested. Whether your needs are fully managed or co-managed, Artilus has the experience, knowledge and understanding to support and maintain your infrastructure and compliance (PCI, HIPAA, SOC 2, Hi-Trust.)

Entrusting Artilus as a value-added MSP means that your business will benefit from a comprehensive array of managed services. In addition to those outlined above, Artilus provides services in the areas of cybersecurity, disaster avoidance and continuity, unified physical security and unified communications.

Connect with an Artilus sales specialist to schedule a free consultation and discover if Artilus is the right partner for you.